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All about Tarot

An ongoing series of information about Tarot

What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot Cards have been around since the middle of the fifteenth century.  It is said that an artist created the first deck of picture cards for an Italian game called Tarocchi - four suits of fourteen cards each (Minor Arcana) , plus twenty-two cards (Major Arcana).  There are a total of 78 cards and in a reading, they paint a picture of you.  The four suits consist of Wands (action/initiation) / Cups (emotion; intuition)/

Swords (communication; mental activity; strife) and Pentacles (possessions / money; physical).  The Minor Arcana depict everyday life while the Major Arcana depict major things going on in your life . 

What is a Tarot Card Reading

I like to call a Tarot Card reading "A Tuneup for your Soul" because no one knows you like you.  We each have three pockets of information that we carry.  One is what we currently know on a conscious  level, the next is what is starting to bubble up from our subconscious, that which we know intuitively but it hasn't yet reached the conscious level and lastly, a pocket of information where we keep our secrets, our friends secrets, that which we have tucked away that we have forgotten about, that which we want to forget about and all other bits of information we prefer not to deal with.   You may go to your best friend or seek advice from someone else, but you never tell them the whole story and you never listen to them anyway.  The cards, in their wisdom, help you to understand the whole picture as they are the tool to help you get in touch with your higher self as no one knows you like you.  That is why the card reading rings so true.  Because it is you, talking to you.  You cannot hide from yourself.  The cards indicate where the situation or question is headed and if this is not to your liking, allows you to create a new possible outcome through the creation of a new thought.  The future is not set in stone.  Through positive thinking we can make anything possible.  

What is a Psychic Fair

Psychic Fairs are coming back.  Since the internet charged into our everyday lives, people were intrigued that they could get readings online, free and otherwise.  What they didn't realize at the time was how generic and robotic the readings became.  People have become tired of the roll of the dice attitude of the internet readings and have embraced the one on one experience of a live reading.  A live reading captures the essence and energy of the moment and is a much more fulfilling experience.  

The best way to approach a Psychic Fair is to go in with an open mind.  There are many different types of readers and it may be helpful to understand what their special gifts are before you decide upon a reader.  Walk around and get a feel for each one, pick up a flyer and don't be afraid to ask questions.  After you visit each one, sit down and read their flyer and trust your instincts to direct you to the right one. 


Psychic Fair - An event where people are able to have psychic readings, energy clearing or healings by a variety of readers / healers in one place.  There is usually a small entrance fee and all readers charge specific prices for their specific gifts.

Psychic - The ability to sense nonphysical or supernatural energies.  The word "Psychic" covers the broad range of gifts of readers and healers.  We are actually all psychic - it boils down to whether we use it or not, although some abilities outweigh others' abilities.

Clairvoyant - A sense of knowing beyond the range of ordinary perception.  

Medium - A reader that can attune their energy to those who have crossed over into the spirit world.

Empath - The ability to tune in and pick up other people's energy with or without knowing they are doing it.  Sometimes you can all of a sudden become angry without understanding why and the reason is because you have just picked up the energy of someone beside you.  Always keep your shields up!!!!

Reiki - A lovely, healing energy transference by an experience practitioner by producing beneficial effects by strengthening and normalizing those energy fields that need it the most.  The energy travels to the client's highest self for it's highest good.  It helps clear your Chakras and revitalizes your power centre.

Chakras - Any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body .

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