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Readings Pricing and Descriptions

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Birth chart Reading

MASTER Tarot Card Reading

Show Pricing 


$60 – 15 minutes

$80 – 20 minutes

$100 – 30 minutes

I connect with source energy to tune into your higher self and attunes to the energy of the traditional Rider Waite deck.  Your tune-up starts with an energy reading which allows the chosen chards to reveal what is currently happening in your life.  This is followed by your personal Tarot Card reading which tells you what your need to know and where your potential path is leading.

Past / Present / Future- it’s all in the cards.  


Debit Card-Interac-Etransfer accepted

Relationship Reading
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Relationship Reading

For 1 or 2 people

$125 – 30 minutes

There are many types of relationships – partners, family members or just friends. 

What do the cards have to say about your relationship. 

Let’s find out.




Tarot readings are spiritual in nature and considered as a spiritual experience only.   

yearly Transit Reading
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Energy Healer & Cleanser
(available in person only)

Combo #1


Reiki and Meridan Energetic Body Cleansing

$60 – 15 minutes


Reiki is a form of relaxing hands-on-energy healing with energy being transferred through the palms to your Chakras. 

Meridians are channels that direct the flow of energy through specific pathways of the body, much like the circulatory system holds and transports blood. Each side of the body is traversed by six meridians—three yin and three yang. Every meridian corresponds with a particular organ but encompasses the larger functions of that organ as well as other organs around them.  Try it alone or with a combination of a Tarot Card reading.

Combo #2


Reiki & Meridian Cleansing (15 min)

with Tarot Card Reading (15 min)

$100 – 30 minutes


Please note that spiritual healing is a complementary healing and NOT a replacement healing.  Reiki does not replace the advice of your licensed physician or licensed health care professional.

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